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British Wild Flower Plug Plants

British FloraBritish Wild Flower Plug Plants

We only supply UK native wildflower plants usually as wildflower plug plants but also in various pot sizes and as wildflower seed mixes. Native plants are likely to be successful and have a higher wildlife value than so called ‘exotics’.
Some species of native wildflower can support several hundred different insect species along with those animals that feed on the insects: normally more than any non native species can support. There are even some insects that require one particular food plant for its larvae, always native, and which will not survive without it.

Some of the uses for wildflowers:

  • Wildflower meadows
  • Cornfield Annuals
  • Woodland & hedgerow understory Corn Chamomile Original
  • Business Parks
  • Low Maintenance landscapes
  • Motorway & Road Verges
  • Conservation Projects

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