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Enhancing Wildlife Habitats

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Biodiversity net gain is a vital approach to safeguarding British flora and fauna. It ensures that any new developments, or restoration projects actively contribute to enhancing wildlife habitats rather than degrading them.

Where works could potentially disrupt the land and eradicate existing habitats, there is an opportunity to make improvements through establishing new green spaces, planting native species, and creating wetlands in the vicinity that have a positive impact. In doing so, although some habitats may be temporarily disturbed, the overall outcome is an increase in biodiversity within the area, benefiting both wildlife and the community.

British Flora are committed to promoting rich and diverse ecosystems native to our landscapes through the supply of a wide range of native wildflower plug plants and seed mixes.

We have carefully selected the best species for the range of habitats that we see across the UK and are keen to help developers achieve their goals in offsetting any impact and creating thriving ecosystems. View our recommended products by habitat type or take a look at the full range of species we are able to supply.

For more information on how British Flora can help you meet your BNG targets, please contact a member of our team who would be happy to help.



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