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highly diverse seed mix developed for biodiverse green roofs in urban and countryside environments. It contains 21 UK native wildflowers and sedum to comply with BREEAM requirements.

The mix provides foraging habitat for invertebrates and birds. Flowers such as viper’s bugloss and bird’s-foot trefoil with long flowering period will attract bumblebee species and plantain and knapweed species provide seeds for birds. It is suitable for lightweight recycled crushed brick green roof substrates. This sward due to the low fertility and dry environment should require very little maintenance except controlling pernicious weeds that arrive naturally such as buddleia. This seed mix does contain stonecrops which provide cover during extended periods of drought and provide habitat for notable invertebrates.

Sowing Rate: 1 to 2g/m²
Contains: Wildflowers 100% (21 species)

Available in 250g, 500g, 1kg, 2kg