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Native British Wildflower and Aquatic Plants


British Flora combines unrivalled expertise in native plant propagation with over 25 years experience delivering horticultural solutions to a wide range of applications.


British Flora offer a wide range of seed mixtures to suit a variety of growing condtions and landscaping requirements.
Bespoke mixtures are availabe, as well as the standard seed mixes.


Using the natural stabilisation properties of vegetation for sustainable erosion control coir roll

British Flora offers natural sustainable designs for erosion control that sympathetically blend with the local environment whilst providing significant enhancement to local biodiversity.


Floating Reed islands are bespoke portable floating refuges, which provide instant cover, habitat and protection for fish, invertebrates and mammals. The modular floating frame supports pre-established (vegetated) coir fibre plant pallets.

Premier wholesale producer of Native British Wildflower and Aquatic Plants

Our technical team can provide you with highly professional expert advice including ecological consultancy and landscaping services for all habitat creation and native landscaping projects.

Established in the 1980’s British Flora have many years experience in growing and supplying native wild flowers, aquatic plants, bulbs and seeds.

We have supplied some of the largest conservation and environmental projects in the British Isles.

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