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Planting is made easy with our carefully selected jumbo plugs. Grown and delivered in two sizes, we have thoughtfully chosen the right tray for the right plant. This means our plants are given the best chance of developing healthy roots and luscious top growth. Each tray of plants holds 84 and 77 plugs respectively, meaning easier handling and quicker planting for our customers. The joy of planting with plugs means instant impact and within a few weeks, precious native habitats are created. Sow seed alongside plug plants for a more efficient way of working. This can be particularly useful when working on large landscaping projects where time and resources are valuable.

Contract Grow Orders – for large orders grown under contract, we can advise and offer a variety of tray sizes depending on the species required.

65cc* size plug, 84 plants per tray. Suitable for terrestrial plants.

*Cubic centimetres


British Flora

110cc size plug, 77 plants per tray. Suitable for wetland plants and plants with larger root systems.

*Cubic centimetres

British Flora


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