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Wildflower Meadow Seed Mixtures

British FloraWildflower Meadow Seed Mixtures

See below for the details of our standard seed mixtures. If you wish, grass or flower components can be altered to suit your needs.

Bespoke mixtures are also available on request, please contact the sales office for further information.

TIP: If you wish to create a wildflower meadow, a good source of wildflower meadow seeds is our Country Meadow Wildflower Mix (BFS9)

Wildflower and Grass Mixtures
BFS 1 - Dry Sandy Soil Wildflower Mix
BFS 2 - Dry Semi Acidic Soil Wildflower Seed Mix
BFS 3 - Neutral / Damp Soil Wildflower Mix
BFS 4 - Heavy / Clay Soil Wildflower Seed Mix
BFS 5 - Wetland & Pond Edge Wildflower Mix
BFS 6 - Hedgerow & Shade Wildflower Mix
BFS 7 - Calcareous Soil Wildflower Seed Mix
BFS 8 - Economy Wildflower Meadow Mix
BFS 9 - Country Meadow Wildflower Mix
BFS 10 - Species Rich Wildflower Seed Mix
BFS 11 - Coastal Area Wildflower Seed Mix
BFS 12 - Green Roof Wildflower Seed Mix
Pure 100% Flower Mixtures
BFS13 - Bumblebee Mix
BFS14 - Butterfly Mix
BFS15 - 100% Cornfield Annual Mix
BFS16 - 100% Old Arable Cornfield Mix
BFS17 - Wildlife Wildflower Mix
BFS18 - Bat Friendly Mix