Aquatic and Marginal Plants

Preparing the ground before planting is often best as the ground may require preparation prior to planting to prevent competition from the existing weed species. 3701013061_ff13acdb43_oTall vegetation should also be cut back and weeds such as docks and nettles should be treated with a broad spectrum herbicide suitable for use near water.

These aquatic plants can be divided into four planting zones. These zones are known as Bog plants, Marginal’s, Emergents and Submergents/Oxygenators.
This needs to be taken into considerations when selecting the species of plant for the project areas, as they require differences in planting depth, water levels and if the water should be flowing or standing (rivers or ponds).

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Boggy Plants
Marginal Plants

Advantages and uses of Aquatic plants:

  • ┬áReedbeds – Treatment reedbeds & habitat creation
  • To improve water quality in lakes and pondsBFS5
  • To improve biodiversity
  • Bioengineering applications
  • Habitat creation, including protected species
  • Fisheries
  • Aesthetic reasons
  • SUDS – Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems