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Tray and Pot Sizes Explained

Shuttle tray 1


We aim to make our customers lives easier by using multi-cell trays and root trainers to reduce the number of individual pots for ease of handling, both at our nursery and by the customer.

Much thought has gone into the choice of trays to propagate , grow on, transplant and finally, ship to the customer.

We have taken into account the volume of substrate (peat free from 2012), the area of optimum root growth and thus leaf area and the encouragement of strong root formation.

The multi-trays are easy to pick up and put down, they lend themselves to automation in filling and seeding and they reduce labour extensively when planting out.



65cc Jumbo Plug Wildflower

110cc Maxi Plug for Marginal & Wetland Plants

230cc Root Trainer

370cc Jumbo Root Trainer