Floating Islands

Floating Islands

Floating Reed islands are bthumb-floating-islandsespoke portable floating refuges, which provide instant cover, habitat and protection for fish, invertebrates and mammals. The modular floating frame supports pre-established (vegetated) coir fibre plant pallets.

BritishFlora can offer a complete design, supply and installation service for floating islands.




  • Establishing Vegetation in water depths over 1m
  • Fisheries – nursery for juvenile fish
  • Aesthetic Planting
  • Biodiverse Planting
  • Reduce erosion of banks, dissipate wave action
  • Wildlife habitat – bird nesting islands
  • Improve Water Quality


  • 1 metre x 2 metre units or 1m x 1m units
  • Galvanized anti-grazing cage and ground anchors
  • Pre-established plant pallet with 12 mixed marginal plants per m2

Other shapes and sizes are available on request

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