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November 9 , 2015 | Posted by Nick |

British Flora Green Roof Brochure Available Now!

As announced in BALI News, we are pleased to launch the BritishFlora Green Roof Brochure. This is a comprehensive guide to all aspects of biodiverse green roofing and sedum green roofs. Download here British Flora – Green Roofing Brochure BritishFlora as the premier specialist grower of plants for biodiverse green roofs provides professional advice and guidelines…



November 9 , 2015 | Posted by Nick |

Green Roof – Water Attenuation – Product News

Reduce Rainfall Run-Off on Green Roof and Improve Irrigation Aquaten Blue Green Roof is designed to be used in the build up to a living roof system as well as a remedial improvement to failing green roofs through poor water attenuation. Aquaten can be retro-fitted where drying out of the roof system has led to…



All of your native British wildflowers in JUMBO PLUG sizes!

All of your native British wildflowers in JUMBO PLUG sizes! For autumn this year we have introduced 65cc plugs as our standard plug size for all of our wildflowers from our nursery. These plugs are a developed plant not a seedling and our compost contains a starter charge of fertiliser that ensures a controlled release…



Wildflower Seed Mix- Bee Heaven!

British Flora Annuals Wildflower Seed Mix – Bee Heaven! The great thing about wildflowers is their amazing relationship to all kinds of pollinating insects. If you want to help  the bee population to thrive in your garden, sow some wildflower annuals for amazing colour and a dramatic effect. Sown in the autumn they will sit…



March 26 , 2015 | Posted by Nick |

British Flora and River Wandle Trust

British Flora is happy to publicise an announcement from The River Restoration Centre – RRC  – about a forthcoming event on 30th April at the River Wandle and Hogsmill in South London. Having supplied the River Wandle Trust with a large quantity of native British sedges, rushes, reeds, grasses, wildflower plugs and plants for the project…



January 26 , 2015 | Posted by Nick |

Winter Planting – Wetland Plants!

Wetland Plants  – When to Plant or When Not to Plant – That is the Question! While we are in a spell of reasonably mild winter weather the question is what can be planted safely at this time of year. Whilst there are risks to planting in the winter months, wetland plants are possibly at…



October 6 , 2014 | Posted by Nick |

Are You Better Off Sowing Wildflower Seed This Autumn?

Autumn News – Sowing Wildflower Seeds It is now believed that the optimum sowing time for seeds is between August and the end of October since this is when most seeds tend to shed naturally. Although sowing in springtime is often favoured there are many benefits to sowing in the autumn and it is now…



Leighton Buzzard Station

Recently it has been reported by South Bedfordshire’s Friends of the Earth that the help British Flora gave to the Leighton Buzzard Station Project meant that a new area of wildlife habitat creation is to be the object of a visit from the Environment Minister this year. British Flora stepped in as a sponsor when South…



April 10 , 2014 | Posted by barclayjamesadmin |

Reed Beds

Naturally occurring wetlands have a natural, innate ability to remediate contaminants from water. Over the decades BritishFlora have supplied many millions of reeds, Phragmites communis, for both habitat creation projects such as bird reserves to attract bittern, bearded tit and water rails, to name but a few. Common Reed is commonly planted to help with…