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Using the natural stabilisation properties of vegetation for sustainable erosion control coir roll

British Flora offers natural sustainable designs for erosion control that sympathetically blend with the local environment whilst providing significant enhancement to local biodiversity.

Coir products provide initial structural stability for shorelines and river banks by resisting wave action and flow velocity whilst aiding plant establishment.

British Flora offers a complete consultancy, design and landscaping service for establishing vegetation in difficult aquatic environments including rivers, tidal channels, estuaries, salt-marshes, canals and lakes.

We offer the following products:

  • Coir
  • Coir rolls – dry or pre-established
  • Coir pallets – dry or pre-established
  • Biodegradable and non-biodegradable geotextiles

Download coir pallet specification sheet
Download coir roll specification sheet
Download coir blanket specification sheet

Coir can either be supplied dry and subsequently planted on site or coir rolls or pallets can be supplied pre-planted with established root systems. Pre-established coir rolls/pallets have root growth to the bottom of the product and will establish quickly on site. With time, sediment will be deposited around the coir rolls, creating an excellent medium for riparian vegetation. Densely packed coir rolls last over five years providing erosion resistance and supporting establishment of sustainable vegetation.

Coir blankets are strong, durable and biodegradable products that aid plant establishment and can play an important role in soil bioengineering. Coir blankets can be traditionally over seeded or vegetated using a hydroseeding application. We have many grades of product in stock and can assist in selecting the best and most economical erosion control method available for your project.